Hansons Auto - Lied and not fixing my car

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my car has been at hanson's auto-truck and rv repair for 12 weeks.eric has lied to me over and over.

he's told me my car was tooken apart and being worked on and we've stoped by and my car hasn't been moved. he has done nothing to my car. he knew everything about my car and the condistion. now he wants to find a used transmission to put in my car, there is nothing wrong with my transmission at all.

he has cut the car around my car and i've called him over and over and he tells me the same thing. i dont know what to do. im about to lose my house and job cause of tranportation. i've told him my wife lose her job already and he tells us thats not his falth and we cant put that on him.

i just want my car fix, i do not want to lose my house and job.i've told him i have four kids and i'm unable to take thim to the doctor, and i can't aford taking a taxi any more.

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